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Have the piece of mind that comes from a full security monitoring service. Register and assign as many supervisors as you need to regulate passes online, set and change expiry dates and times, and review the reports. With these services, you will be providing your tenants, clients, and visitors the convenience and flexibility to purchase passes on their mobiles. Offer the security of a guaranteed parking space whether it is for a couple hours, overnight, a weekend, a whole week, or an entire month.

Park and Pay

ParkandPay is a simple and powerful software app that allows the user to manage parking spots in hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This app gives the costumer the certainty of getting parking space from a wide selection of locations across your city. It provides building owners with the full range of feautures to costumize the terms and conditions on a specific space or an entire parking lot. This app allows as well, a space for Enforcement Staff, so that they can monitor, send notifications, and validate tickets. ParkandPay surface lots are paperless, eco friendly and well lit. Park and Pay has been developed as a safe and secure parking solution, maximizing increased revenue through clean, welcoming and well managed properties.

Visitors Parking

VisitorsParking allows Property Managers and staff to easily manage designated tenant and visitors parking spots. The app is specifically tailored to meet the needs of Condominium Corporations and large residential and/or commercialrental properties that have on-going parking control issues. VisitorsParking offers an affordable and profitable) remedy to all of your property management parking headaches: • No more residents parking more than their allowed vehicles in visitors and unoccupied resident’s spaces without paying • No more visitors abusing the parking restrictions • No more unmanageable parking lots

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Solutions-MDVWhether you are at home or abroad, this app will allow you to see who is ringing at your door. Start a video conversation and have the control to unlock the door right from your smartphone or tablet with the MyDoorViewTM app.

Streaming Video from your telephone entry system to your smartphone. Push one button on your smartphone to unlock the door. Launch the speaker mode when answered.
Advanced Customization with the fexibility to rebrand the app with your own customized name and logo.
Global Coverage that provides unlimited users and unlimited downloads. This system can be used with any telephone entry unit world-wide.
Cost Effective alternative to your new or existing access control systems that you will gain by using smartphone technology. Enjoy the convenience of accessing your intercom system right on your smartphone or tablet. Starting from $1.25 / mth / DR

For more information visit: http://mydoorview.com/

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