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Smart Building Apps is an all-in-one cloud based residential, commercial and parking property management software system. Our software was designed to help you manage hundreds or thousands of properties saving you time, money, paper and storage space, assisting in your green compliance. Our cloud based system allows you access from anywhere in the world and requires no downloads or upgrades to your current system. Simply login from any desktop, tablet or smartphone to monitor your individual or multiple properties. Learn to reduce office face time and start to enjoy the benefits and efficiency of a live system tracking your team, their progress and resident satisfaction.




Our Smart Building featured apps package helps bring buildings closer as communities, for tenant retention and increased profits. Offering a feature rich base package for both Residential and Commercial/Industrial, each package will help you get started on your building portfolio. With simple pricing and no hidden fees, easily customize each building with the features it requires and add on additional apps as required. Featured apps can be turned on and off at anytime with the click of a button. To view the feature rich base package best suited for your needs, select Residential or Commercial/Industrial.


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Since 1994, our team has been working with property owners and property managers for the safety and security of their buildings, parking enforcement, ticketing and towing. During our history, we have embraced the opportunity to speak with property owners, property management companies, superintendents and tenants as to their challenges and concerns in this industry. We witnessed many similar concerns to which we decided to develop a solution - Smart Building Apps. Each of our applications have been designed to help you manage your properties with ease. Our apps serve a purpose for all areas of management and have been customized to be a valuable set of resources amongst managers, landlords, superintendents, security guards, parking lot managers and residents. Tailor your apps package and invest in the services you need today, while positioning yourself to expand cost effectively in the future.

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  • Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.

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  • A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.

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  • A project is complete when it starts working for you, rather than you working for it.

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